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We are an exclusive community for women to ask questions, share advice and recommendations in a safe environment. The community is global and focuses on providing information from like-minded individuals.

  • 13+


    The wisdom within the group when it comes to bringing up teens is amazing so let’s continue to share that knowledge with each other.…
  • Animals
    A group to be part of if you’re on the hunt for a pet and need advice or want help with choosing the right insurance, vet, dog trainer. The…
  • Architecture & Design
    Want to share your love of buildings and designers or on the hunt for incredible buildings to visit, designers to seek out or to…
  • Babies
    You can ask anything from how to cope with a newborn to dealing with teething, weaning, night time fears, toddler tantrums and beyond.…
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  • Beauty
    From the best facials to the top waxing salons and from the most recommended lotions and potions to the best make up. (This is a…
  • Books
    Want suggestions of what to read next ? This is the group for you whatever you like reading, get the best tips on the latest fiction,…
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  • Career
    Looking for a new job or a career change, need a business coach or are at a crossroads then this is the group for you. Find moral…
  • Carers
    This is for members who have caring responsibilities for relatives/friends and are looking for trusted recommendations for …
  • Caterers and Cake Makers
    Anything food related then this is your group. A chance to share the best caterers, cake makers, recipe books, and delicatessens. Are…
  • Charity
    Do you have spare time and are interested in volunteering? Or perhaps you run a charity and are looking for a freelance consultant to…
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  • Children
    You can ask anything about children, need a summer camp? Want advice on sleep patterns? or food allergies? This is the group where you…
  • Cleaners
    This group is for members to post requests looking for cleaners or recommending a cleaner. Please add yours/the cleaner's mobile number…
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  • Culture
    The best exhibitions, galleries, installations, theatre, comedy, dance, improv is out there. Let's make the most of it.
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  • Day Trips
    Need to escape your everyday life for an adventure? Close to home or further afield, this is the group to find out about the cities,…
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  • Fashion
    Need a tailor or advice on where to hire an outfit, looking for top tips on the best places to buy vintage or designer then this is the place to be.
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  • Films
    Do you spend evenings trying to choose what movie to watch in a world of seemingly endless choice? Movie buffs, let us know your…
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  • Finance
    This group is for anything related to your personal finance, from the best business accounts to the most trusted independent…
  • Health
    This group is for everything related to your physical and mental health. You can also ask fellow members about recommendations for…
  • Holidays
    Need inspiration and top tips on where to travel to and to the best places in the world to escape to then this is the group for you.
  • Home & Building
    When you find a great builder it's like gold dust, the same goes for a plumber, carpenter, surveyor, electrician so let's share the best…
  • Lawyers
    This is a group for recommendations regarding top solicitors or barristers for personal and business use. Please make it clear if…
  • Markets & Fairs
    A chance to share the details of markets and fairs that you love and may be currently off the beaten track.
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  • Nannies/Housekeepers
    This is for posting when you need a nanny/housekeeper/babysitter and also for recommendations of those looking for work. Please state if…
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  • Nature Lovers
    This is the group for members who want to escape the mundanity of every day life and need some inspiration.
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  • Parties
    This is a group for those that would like to receive or give recommendations about party venues/caterers/children's entertainers or…
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  • Self Development
    An opportunity to share recommendations about courses and how to re-train or to develop your skills.
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  • Sports Players
    This is the group to find your next doubles partner or if you want inspiration about starting a new sport or activity if sport is not your thing.
  • Tutors
    This group has been created so members can recommend tutors and find the best tutoring agencies for children and teenagers.
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